Human Resources Strategic and Operational Plan Templates

Templates for Human resources strategies and operational plans
Format : Adobe Acrobat / PDF plus MS Word
Pages:   27 pages
Delivery: Electronic Download
A Human Resource Strategic Plan and Operational Plans provides a framework to guide the application of all aspects of a company’s human resource practices. It identifies a long-term vision, supporting success factors, and the most immediate priorities needed to achieve the business strategy (together with detailed action plans to implement the priority projects.)
Like all of the other major business functions, human resources must accomplish a wide range of activities from basic transaction processing to strategic planning in order to be successful. The importance ascribed to each of those functional activities in large part represents the company’s human resource strategy.
These two templates, one for the HR strategic plan and one for the operational plan, cover all the relevant areas, serve as a reminder for important areas such as budgets, and save you time.
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